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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #005 --
January 03, 2023
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! The dates on the calendar may change, the seasons may change and even our growing families change in wonderful ways and still there are some things that don't change; like the basics of breastfeeding and the bond between mothers and babies.

The desire and need for family support during the time following the birth of a baby also remains a constant for new parents, both mothers and fathers. Support is key to making the transition to a new baby in the family.

Find the support you need.

Another constant in the lives of babies, below:

Face to Face

Babies are drawn to faces. If they are given the opportunity, newborns will search out and gaze at their mother's face soon after they are born. Seeing your face is vital for your baby. That intense loving gaze expresses that need and is a delightful reward for every new parent. Every expression has meaning. Babies study and absorb the expressions of their caregivers and they begin to imitate those expressions very early on. They begin immediately to gather information and absorb the love their parents have for them. Back and forth, play, love, joy, concern all the experiences are communicated in those exchanges. Bonding is enhanced when you show your face to your baby and when every family member does the same. A baby's emotional, social and language development depend on observing your expressions. Enjoy communicating with your baby!

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