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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #007 --
July 05, 2023
Cheers for the Dads!

This summer has been a busy one for our family. We've had many lovely family times together. While enjoying the company of my adult children this season, I've slipped in the photo taking of all the sweet hours together. Sometimes, (thankfully) living life takes precedence over documenting it. For us the joy in June included a day with our sons celebrating my husband on Father's Day. Nothing fancy just grilling and having a meal together. Just enough of an event for them to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of their father in their lives.

Father's Day serves as such a potent reminder of the value of our men in the lives of our children. From the very earliest newborn days, fathers have an impact that reaches far into the future of our families. For both mothers and fathers attachment to a new baby unfolds over the days, weeks and months. A mother's experience is intense during almost every moment of the early newborn days. And given that much of my work is to encourage and share information regarding ways for breastfeeding mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals my focus is typically mostly on mothers.

However, when visiting a family with a new baby for a lactation consultation or a postpartum visit, I do include fathers in the process and the info I share. They are often able to remember details and specific suggestions more readily than the new mama. They are also in need of information they are not likely to have heard very often. I like to acknowledge for them the important role they have even in the early days of parenting. There is research that acknowledges that a mother's breastfeeding journey is more likely to be successful if she has a supportive partner.[1] Dads are frequently the biggest cheerleaders for breastfeeding.

A father's role goes way beyond that though and every family's baby moon (postpartum season) is filled with adjustments and learning. Becoming a father is a process of learning, growth and new revelations. A baby can capture the the attention of his/her father and prompt total absorption by dad of his new offspring. Researchers have given the experience a term to describe it. They call this fascination fathers have with their newborns "engrossment".[2] Have you witnessed it?

I may have missed sending out a Happy Father's Day to you but I haven't missed and suspect you haven't either, the value your baby's father can add to your life and the lives of your children every day of the year. Remind him of that regularly. He will soak it up.

Enjoy the moments!

1. Wolfberg, A. J., Michels, K. B., Shields, W., O’Campo, P., Bronner, Y., & Bienstock, J. Dads as breastfeeding advocates: results from a randomized controlled trial of an educational intervention. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2004; 191(3):708-712.

2.Sears, William, Becoming A Father How to Nurture and Enjoy Your Family. La Leche League International 2003

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