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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #008 --
November 28, 2023
Loving This Trend

Recently, I've seen a trend for invitations to family celebrations for babies, toddlers and children to include a request for books as gifts for the guest of honor. I'm thrilled by it. It's a wonderful concept, giving family members the opportunity to add to the reading libraries of children we know and love. The value of reading to young ones is on my list of some of the most important info and encouragement to share with new parents. Parents need to know that reading to your babies has lifelong family benefits.

Studies have shown that parents who expose children to early language by reading to them, are engaging in an activity that teaches vocabulary, shows the connection between pictures and words, and promotes quality time spent with the people they love the most. You are your child's first teacher and reading together reinforces your role. You are providing the opportunity to strengthen your bond and their confidence to succeed.

Even now with grown children, our family makes reference to stories and phrases that were first introduced by early reading aloud sessions. Oh, and I still have all of those lovely picture books. Happily sharing them with any visiting young ones to my home and anticipating sharing them with grandchildren one day.

Collect books for your own home library for all ages. Enjoy all the stories together. Talk about them and read them again and again.

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