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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #002
August 07, 2018

Is Breastfeeding a Pain in the Neck?

Recently, a friend sent me a link to a short posted article about neck pain and breastfeeding. After reading, I found myself a bit irritated. In a quick 200 words, the author presented yet another potential problem associated with breastfeeding. There was no mention of the fact that with the right counsel, (another mother with breastfeeding experience, a mother to mother breastfeeding counselor such as a La Leche League Leader, a postpartum doula, or an credentialed IBCLC), the issue could very easily be avoided in the first place.

While I don't deny that neck pain could sometimes be associated with breastfeeding, I am also aware that positioning is an easily overlooked but important consideration as a mother begins and continues a nursing relationship with her baby. A simple assessment and a handful of valuable pointers by someone with experience, implemented by a nursing mother, could prevent it's occurrence.

Pain is often cited by mothers as a reason for discontinuing nursing. La Leche League has been addressing these concerns associated with breasting, since the 1950's. Pain is not a necessary part of breastfeeding. If you are pregnant or new to breastfeeding, please know that accurate information and support from someone truly knowledgeable is available to you. Reach out and ask.

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