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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #001
September 10, 2018

How to provide the key factors for your baby's developing immune system.

First up, naturally, before your baby is born, is to have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Enjoying your changing body and your babies development before birth begins the process of bonding.

Below are a few of the many considerations for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy:

Consider creating the best pregnancy possible for yourself or the new mama in your life. Reduce stress levels for mom. Change or adapt activities to enjoy your pregnancy. Prepare by learning through reading or taking a class.

Eat a healthy diet of a wide variety of natural foods. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein for the needs of your growing baby.

Keep exercising but realize you may have to make adjustments for your changing body.

Get Prenatal care.This is important! Find a medical professional with whom you feel safe and comfortable.

Make sure there is social support from family and friends. Remember a full-term vaginal birth also provides an optimum start for your baby's healthy development.

A natural labor with contractions is healthy for your baby. Vaginal birth introduces beneficial microbes at birth for optimal digestive gut health and development. When considering a baby's developing digestive system and immune system, a cautious use of antibiotics to limit disruptions in microbial colonization.

Antibiotics have provided life saving advantages for many, however given indiscriminately they can slow the process of healthy microbial colonization. This colonization is important to digestion and a healthy immune system.

Breastfeeding provides many advantages for both mother and baby. One advantage is for your babies developing immune system. Among the many health promoting advantages of nursing your baby is that breastfeeding promotes healthy microbial colonization throughout infancy.

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