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Phases; A Baby Moon Company Newsletter, Issue #005 --
March 13, 2023
Happy (almost) Spring!

The seasons they go round and round and it's almost spring, a season of joyful new beginnings and visible growth. Early parenting is one of the seasons of life that is also filled with newness and obvious growing for all involved. Similar to other families and different as well.

Your early parenting story is unique. From the challenges, to the strategies to overcoming any difficulties, to the sweet rewards of nurturing a new baby, your family story is yours to create and tell. Giving birth, breastfeeding, early parenting all entail universal and biological principles and combine with your individual beliefs and life experiences to contribute to your growing family culture.

The knowledge of these early aspects of parenting will foster and add to the story you are creating with your family. What early parenting experiences have had the biggest impact on your family story?

Your stories can encourage others in their parenting journey. The "Share Your Story" page on our website has begun to get a little traction. Feel free to visit, read, comment.

Consider sharing something of your own story for others to enjoy and learn from:

Happy soon to be Spring!

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