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Welcome. Here we hope to offer a collection of items you may like to add to your baby moon. Or to give as a gift to a family celebrating the addition of a new baby. Meaning to bring delight, we've included items or connections we believe are valuable and will contribute to a joyful family experience.

Create the best beginning with your new baby.

Surround yourself with the best during your baby moon. The best support from family and friends, the best food and the best and most beautiful items for you and your baby.

From Angie:

While raising my own family and working with new moms, I've tried to continue with my own creative pursuits. I considered myself an artist long before starting a family. Making art came before making babies in my life but once they arrived, art making took a back seat. The items in this store that have been created by me are some of the artsy expressions resulting from motherhood and my work as a postpartum doula. Making them allows me to continue creating and hopefully by extension contribute to the baby moons' of more families. Enjoy!

From our store on zazzle:

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We've provided suggestions for resources you may find useful, encouraging or even inspiring. These suggestions are for your information, convenience and possibly, even, your enjoyment. Some, but not all, links are affiliates links. To support our work, A Baby Moon Company™ participates in affiliate programs from which I receive a small commission (no added cost to you) for purchases made from those affiliates following a click through.

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