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Postpartum Service Packages and Postpartum Doula Fees.

To simplify planning for your baby moon we offer packages of bundled postpartum services.

Every package includes: 

A complimentary, no obligation interview, to meet and discuss your anticipated needs. Phone or email support through the duration of your baby moon (usually 6 - 8 weeks postpartum). Every package emphasizes basic breastfeeding support and referral to specialized services if needed.

                                Full Moon Package                                

Eight 3-4 hour in-home postpartum doula visits.

Essentially, 24 -32 hours of personal in-home postpartum doula assistance provided during your baby moon over the course of the early weeks after your baby's arrival. Breastfeeding support included.


Three Quarter Moon Package         

Five visits 3-4 hours each over a two week period. One fully supplied meal prepared for mom each visit. Breastfeeding support included.

$310.00 = 20.00/hour

    Half Moon Basic Support Package  

Three 3 hour in home visits over a one or two week period. One fully supplied meal prepared for mom each visit. Breastfeeding support included.

$220.00 = $24.00/hour

Quarter Moon Basic  

Emphasizes basic breastfeeding support and information to assist you in creating the beginnings of a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Two 2-3 hour in-home visits. 


To reserve and to schedule a postpartum doula package, a deposit is required.

Contact us to discuss availability, scheduling and payment plans.

Please do not let cost be an obstacle to obtaining doula care and support. 

We are open to payment plans, alternative payment options and will consider barter in some cases.

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Postpartum Doula Package

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