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It may be a surprise to some to see a page recommending reading with children on a website devoted to the postpartum season of a family. I include it because, I believe it is really never too early to begin reading aloud to children. During your baby moon. you will of course be spending most of your time settling in with your baby, resting and getting breastfeeding off to a good start, however there will be times soon after your beginnings with a new baby that a read aloud could be just the answer to sooth your baby, yourself or other family members. Reading with a toddler who has just become an older sibling is a wonderful way to create a special time together as they adjust. Once a new baby and mama have the breastfeeding down, it isn't hard to read aloud to older siblings while baby is contentedly at the breast. Plus, it can the opportunity for already reading on their own older siblings to read to you.

Reading aloud with children is delightful. Even babies and toddlers benefit from hearing a caregiver read aloud from the pages of a book. Reading aloud exposes them to new words, new cadence of language and another view of their trusted parent. You'll be providing an example of the joy of reading that will be imitated by your children and add to their own love of reading. The memories of the stories shared and the time together will last a lifetime. For them and you!

Children's Book Treasury
Mamas Milk Picture Book

Children’s books depicting new babies are a welcome and useful addition to a growing family's library. Those including breastfeeding as the norm are fewer than you might expect. I've collected most of the ones I've found for our family library and keep my eyes open for new titles even though I don't do much lap reading time anymore. My children just don't fit on my lap anymore. 

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The Wonders of Mother's Milk is a lovely children's book to read with a sibling of a new baby.

The Wonders of Mother's Milk
Reading with baby.Oh, how I loved those sweet reading times!