In the Thick of Things:
Interview About Early Parenting with New Mom,
Carrie Johnson

What has been the hardest adjustment to a new baby?

For my first baby everything was hard at first because you are so used to just worrying about you and your spouse.  However, after a very short amount of time you can’t remember life before your baby! There is a learning curve to pretty much every part of being a mom, but even if all you know is that you love that little person from the moment you meet, that is enough to get you going and the rest you figure out along the way! 

What has been the most helpful advice?

For my first child, the most helpful advice I received was in regards to nursing. I mistakenly thought that all babies are born and just know how to nurse perfectly…boy was I wrong! I knew that I wanted to exclusively breastfeed and worked hard to ensure that we would be able to. Angie met me at my home when we arrived home from the hospital to give different techniques to help his latch and reassured me that those tiny tummies don’t need anything else except colostrum at the start.  Its easy in your fragile postpartum state to think that your body can’t make enough milk and be persuaded to supplement with formula.  A strong support system is what gave me the reassurance that my body knew exactly what to do and how to do it, and just to trust myself.

Any other helpful advice?

Other helpful advice was that I didn’t need all of the baby things you think you need! In fact, what you actually need is very little. Clothes (but even that you don’t need much of since you will be skin to skin often) diapers, water for you to drink, maybe a burp cloth, and a baby sling/carrier and you are good to go! Advertisers are good at trying to sell you some really crazy stuff! I remember thinking I needed a wipe warmer at one point!

Second Baby Adjustment

The biggest adjustment for my second was trying to divide my time between my oldest and the new baby. My oldest was used to having all of me and so having to share me with a cute little baby was tough at first. Also, once there are 2 or more kiddos the whole sleep when the baby sleep advice goes out the window! I learned to live on dunkin donuts and I just kept telling myself that everyone just thinks they need 8 hours to function, but in all actuality you can function on much less!

Third Baby

The biggest adjustment with my third child…..thats a tricky one because she is so laidback it's not that much harder! I would say now dividing my time as even as I possibly can, although the baby at this point gets the most of me. We are used to going to a lot of places, but with the baby we are a little bit more slowed down than normal, so I feel a little guilty about that. However, being at home more than usual has let us do more crafts and activities and also has let the boys play more together which is super cute (most of the time).

What has been the most useful assistance you have been given?

Nursing support and meals that family and friends made were the most useful in the beginning for me. Also, for my second and third babies, my husband would take the other kids out for awhile those first few days we were at home so I had a chance to just be with the baby. I will always treasure those quiet moments with all of my babies in those first few days home because everything goes so fast!

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