Reminders for new moms.

1. Learn to love your baby and allow your baby to learn to love you back. 

Babies learn to love and be loved at the breast. A baby's first experience of love, is through nurturing in the arms of their caregiver. Love happens through food and warmth; combined at your breast.

2. Rest. You need rest. Baby needs rest, too. 

If you create a safe space for baby to sleep in the same room, you will find that your sleep patterns come into sync. Keep the lighting low, especially at night.

3. Relax. And enjoy. 

There is much to learn and do when there is a new baby in the family, but it's o.k. to take your time, get help and relax.

4. Eat healthy meals and snacks. 

Your recovery from birth and the caloric demands of breastfeeding may make you hungrier than you might expect. 

Have healthy meals prepared for you. Ask friends and family to bring a prepared meal. Have easy to grab healthy fresh fruit and veggie snacks available. Don't waste the calories on junk. You need the best fuel you can get while you adjust to your new role in life.

5. Drink enough water. 6-8 8 oz. glasses a day!

6. Skin to skin. Soak up the loveliness of this time snuggled up skin to skin with your baby. Soon enough she'll be running out the door to explore without you!

7. Nurse often. Nurse early. On demand breastfeeding is the best way to get things off to a good start.

8. Let others do things for you.

These are important tasks for baby. 

1. Eat 

2. Sleep 

3. Poop

4. Pee 

5. Gaze into their mamas (and other care givers) eyes and learn to love and be loved. A baby's first experience of love, is through nurturing in the arms of their caregiver. 

Babies love faces; read more here: Face to face.

Reminders for new dads. 

Above all; Love the baby's mama!

1. Feed your baby's mom healthy meals and snacks. 

2. Bring your baby's mom glasses of water.

3. Tell her what a great job she is doing!

4. Hold the baby while she takes a shower.

5. Do a lot of the non-nursing care things. Change diapers, hold the baby, sing and talk to the baby.

6. Rest. Fatherhood requires adjustments and you need rest, too. 

7. Enjoy your family!

Reminders for extended family and friends.

1. Remember, families with a new baby need time for bonding and rest.

2. Offer encouragement for breastfeeding. A first time mother may feel awkward nursing in the beginning, especially when visitors are around. She need words of praise not impatience. Mother and baby are getting to know each other. They may need to retreat to a bedroom for privacy. 

3. Offer to help with older siblings. Toddlers need attention, too, especially during the transition to being a big sister or brother. Engage in activities with them; play games, read books with them, serve them a snack or a meal, take them out for a special field trip.

4. Deliver a ready to eat or put in the oven meal. New parents often forget about this essential need for themselves.

5. Organize a meal drop off plan with other willing friends and family members.

4. Offer to do some useful household tasks when you visit; do the dishes, throw in a load of laundry, take out the garbage, walk the dog or feed the cat. 

5. Run some errands for the family. Offer to pick up household items for them on your way to visit.

6. With their permission, offer to take photos of these early precious moments. New parents are so busy with baby care they often forget to capture the memories.

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