Breastfeeding is among the key factors in a baby developing a healthy immune system

First up, naturally before breastfeeding even begins, is the importance of a healthy pregnancy. A few of the many considerations for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy:

  • Reduced Stress levels for mom
  • Healthy diet for mom
  • Prenatal care
  • Social support

A full-term vaginal birth also provides an optimum start for your baby's healthy development.

  • Natural labor with contractions is healthy for baby
  • Vaginal birth introduces beneficial microbes at birth (gut health and development)

Breastfeeding provides a full range of benefits for infants including support for an infants developing immune system. 

  • Breast milk provides protection from some diseases
  • Promotes healthy microbial colonization throughout infancy

For more discussion of the many benefits of breastfeeding, visit our page; Breastfeeding is a Beautiful Thing.

When considering a baby's developing digestive system and immune system. Cautious use of antibiotics.

  • Antibiotics have provided life saving advantages for many, however given indiscriminately can slow the process of healthy microbial colonization

Set yourself and your family up for successfully achieving a wonderful and loving bonding time for yourself and your baby. Consider your social support system and ask for the assistance you might need. Also, consider the possibility of hiring a well trained and experienced labor doula and an experience postpartum doula. A doula can answer your questions, give you and your family information and provide support that will help create an environment of a beautiful beginning.

Find a breastfeeding support group in your local area to find others to share the joys and challenges of your current life stage with.

There are many available resources for breastfeeding information. Online, offline, published written resources and support groups.

Follow links below for info on two support groups resources: 

La Leche League International

Breastfeeding USA

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