Breastfeeding is among the key factors in a baby developing a healthy immune system

First up, naturally before breastfeeding even begins, is a healthy pregnancy. A few of the many considerations for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy:

  • Reduced Stress levels for mom
  • Healthy diet for mom
  • Prenatal care
  • Social support

A full-term vaginal birth also provides an optimum start for your baby's healthy development.

  • Natural labor with contractions is healthy for baby
  • Vaginal birth introduces beneficial microbes at birth (gut health and development)

When considering a baby's developing digestive system and immune system. Cautious use of antibiotics.

  • Antibiotics have provided life saving advantages for many, however given indiscriminately can slow the process of healthy microbial colonization


  • Promotes healthy microbial colonization throughout infancy

Set yourself and your family up for successfully achieving a wonderful and loving bonding time for you and your baby. Consider your social support system and ask for the assistance you might need. Also, consider the possibility of hiring a well trained and experienced labor doula and an experience postpartum doula. A doula can answer your questions, give you and your family information and provide support that will help create an environment of a beautiful beginning.

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