The early days with your baby are precious and fleeting.

Early parenting impacts the health of your child and family for a lifetime. The first days and weeks with your newborn provide a unique opportunity to bond, build trust and impact all of your family relationships.

Caring for your newborn can be awe inspiring, intense and challenging.

The time following the birth of a baby is a time to focus on; baby care, self care, family care. Create a plan for support, so you can savor, relish, rest, relax, adjust, heal, learn, snuggle and grow together. 

The early days of parenting are important for bonding and setting the tone for your family from the day of your baby's birth forward. Parenting is an adventure that is hard to be completely prepared for. This can be particularly true of those first days of newborn care.

Having social support is important for breastfeeding. Social support in general is valuable for parents to adjust to their new roles as primary care givers to brand new little ones. Get as much help as you possibly can so that you can focus on your baby.

Based on the knowledge that breast milk is the best first food for babies, many women plan to breastfeed. They understand that it is a natural process but aren't always aware that it is also a learned activity for both baby and mother. Having experienced, knowledgeable support in the form of family members, friends or professional support such as a lactation consultant, labor doula or postpartum doula can be crucial in reaching your own breastfeeding goals with your new baby.

Even a little bit of advance planning can help ensure that the help you recruit is beneficial. Choose people that you feel comfortable communicating with and who will listen to your preferences and support you in bonding with your baby.

Explore and discover what support will be an option for you. Explore, in advance, what support options are available to you in your area. 

There may be  direct in person support for you in your home, in your community and online.

  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • Doulas (Labor & Postpartum)
  • Breastfeeding Mentors & Support Groups
  • Professionals (Your OBGYN, Your Pediatrician, Family Practitioners)

Snuggle in and enjoy those early days with your growing family. Savor every moment! 

If things gets hard, reach out for assistance. Remember, you and your baby deserve it!

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